Dear fellow internet marketer... remember the massive facelift FaceBook unveiled a a few months ago with the introduction of their TimeLine?

So now you can 'pin' images and videos to your timeline. Does the expression 'pin images' ring any bells?

It should, because there's every reason to think FaceBook went to all that trouble to introduce their 'pinable' Timeline because of the phenomenal growth of this 'new kid on the block' - Pinterest.

Just like Google did when it shot past established players like Yahoo, nearly a decade ago, Pinterest has come from a late start to take the social media world by storm and looks set to end up as the top dog.

Pinterest is still new and yet it is already #3 in the social media top ten, overtaking other sites, such as LinkedIn and Google Plus. And, if it keeps up this momentum, it will eventually eclipse even FaceBook.

It's often said success in business often comes down to...

...being in the right place at the right time

So you are definitely all set for great Pinterest success, and here's why:

The internet is increasingly visual. Already Google reports that 60% of its searches are videos and the most popular searches after that are images, leaving old fashioned text trailing a miserable third.

The prime driver of this change is the rise in the use of mobile devices, such as smart phones, making images and videos more acceptable than tiny lines of text.

So Pinterest is definitely the place to be, so what about the timing?

We have lift off!

Now is certainly the time to start exploiting Pinterest, because in August 2012 Pinterest opened its doors to anyone who wishes to join. (No longer do they need to be invited by a friend or make a formal request)

So all you need to know now is how to use Pinterest and - more to the point - how to exploit its amazing growth to your maximum advantage.

Fortunately, your timing and location is still impeccable, because I'm just launching my new training program that will empower you to supercharge your traffic generation and leave your competitors choking in your dust...


Pinterest Profits Fastlane

The full inside track to exploiting the
coming Pinterest explosion to the full...


Once you possess this powerhouse of a program you'll gaze in wonder as your traffic stats soar skyward!

Pinterest Profits Fastlane is the complete paint by numbers, cutting edge plan, exposing exactly how to instantly supercharge your traffic sales and profits before your rivals even know what's hit them...


This insider shortcut guide reveals every single piece of street-smart advice you need to maximize your click-thrus and traffic from Pinterest.

I'm sure you're smart enough to realize traffic is the rocket fuel that powers your business. And this exciting bag of tricks contains everything you need to know to become a Pinterest Wizard, within hours of receiving your copy of the training program.

So, whether you are:  Just starting out and want to get visitors to your site in the shortest possible time to really get your business soaring skyward.

Or you already have some traffic and profits and want to use the power of Pinterest to take your business to the next level.

... then you won't be disappointed with the sheer wealth of information in this package.

And here's just a tiny taster of the brand new inside-track secrets awaiting you inside this radical new program...

Why Pinterest is a top marketing tool: 

We'll explore exactly why Pinterest is causing such a buzz among the internet marketing community...

  • How Pinterest combines the best of both FaceBook and Twitter (and how to even share pins with your Twitter and FaceBook accounts).
  • The research that shows Pinterest is more effective than other social media sites at driving traffic to your site (it's actually three times better than YouTube).
  • The awesome ability of Pinterest to generate leads for your business.
  • The smart way Pinterest can explode the inbound links to your web site or blog site putting your search engine rankings on steroids!
  • The vital way you can leverage the power of FaceBook and Twitter to increase the effectiveness of your Pinterest pins.
  • The daily harvest of 1.5 MILLION visitors (who spend, on average, a full 16 minutes on the site).
How To Get Started With Pinterest The Right Way:
  • The important business of choosing a good user name and why a good choice of user name will help you quickly connect with folks in your niche (so don't miss this vital point).
  • How to navigate the Pinterest home page and use it to your advantage.
  • How to maximize the marketing potential of your profile page (because this is the red hot core of your Pinterest marketing).
  • How to use your 'About' section to squeeze out the maximum benefits.
  • The vital art of structuring your pinboards and pins properly (and the perfect mix that works like gangbusters).
The Real Secrets To Getting Lots Of Followers:
  • We'll explore the vital part of building a strong following to enhance your standing and so you'll be seen as the 'go to' expert in your niche.
  • Why getting plenty of followers is vital for your success and the 2 ways your followers can access your pins (and how they will know when you've pinned something new).
The Easy Way To Get Your Website Pinterest Friendly:
  • Why getting your website or blog Pinterest ready is a key part of your Pinterest marketing.
  • How to ramp up your Pinterest interest (this is vital if your site is lacking the 'I factor', right now).
  • How to make it a complete no-brainer for your followers to pin your site and the several ways you can use to achieve this.
  • Pinterest code, what it is and how to use it to make your site totally Pinterest-friendly.
Everything You Need To Know About Pinning For SEO:

As with all internet marketing, the search engines are never far from an astute marketer's thoughts. And the good news is Pinterest is awesome for helping you get good rankings...

  • How getting good search engine rankings for your pins will pay off in more traffic and business for your site.
  • The importance of getting your profile search engine friendly and how to do it the best way (with the minimum amount of effort).
  • The very best source of images you can use and how to get hold of them.
  • The vital nature of the correct keywords in every part of your Pinterest operation (and how to enjoy the best SEO results you can).
  • The key to writing effective descriptions for your pins.
  • Why adding links is an important part of your SEO and where to put your links for the best effect.
  • The one thing you must not look like (avoid this fatal error at all costs).
  • How to model the success of other Pinteresters.
My Secret Sauce Tips To Creating AWESOME Pins:

The simple truth is that those with the best images and videos will rise to the top of the Pinterest tree. So here's the low down on becoming a top pinner...

  • The central ethos of all the best pins (once you have these secrets, you'll be well on your way to great success).
  • The place where you should not get your images and what sort of images are best.
  • The art of the hashtag on Pinterest (you've seen it used on Twitter - now see how to exploit it on Pinterest).
  • How to create compelling descriptions that light a fire under the viewer and electrify your SEO prospects.
  • How to keep ahead of the curve when it comes to trends and your popularity will soar.
  • How to get automatically posted into the Gift section (getting sales is what it's all about)
  • Harness the awesome power of video and get even more kudos for your self.
  • The first rule of marketing (and it applies on Pinterest too).
  • The silly mistake you need to avoid and how you can maximize your effectiveness with a little care.
(Shhhh!..) We've Stolen The Top Tactics From The Pinning Pro's:

Now you're up to speed with the Pinterest basics, it's time to take your marketing to a whole new level with these advanced techniques...

  • The little known secret of using pinboards to provide valuable social proof about you and your products.
  • The street-smart technique to make your followers feel really special (yet it's drop dead easy to do).
  • How holding contests can explode your inter-activity and bring a huge spike in traffic to your web site or blog...
  • How to become the 'go to' guy or gal for your particular niche.
  • The red hot video gallery (it's just like strapping on a booster rocket to your marketing).
  • How to boost your follower's egos and enhance your standing at the same time.
  • How to showcase your business (and not be accused of spamming).
  • How to tap into the increasing mobile audience which more, it's easier than you might think.
  • The easy as pie way to see how many times your website's been pinned (all it takes is a couple of clicks).
Quick & Easy Money Making Opportunities:

There is a wealth of other money making opportunities available via Pinterest and the tips in this module will get your creative juices flowing:
  • The magic ratio you should observe when posting affiliate links (ignore this and you could be labelled a spammer).
  • What to look for when choosing an affiliate product to promote.
  • Where to locate good affiliate offers (these four places should net you plenty).
  • How to use the visual nature of Pinterest to promote your products.
My Simple Guide To Pinterest Etiquette:

Like all social media sites, good etiquette has to be observed at all times. So here's the inside track to ensure you don't make any fatal blunders...

  • What you must always do when posting an image that isn't yours.
  • What you need to avoid with your pinboards (failing to do this will annoy your visitors and leave a negative impression).
  • The one thing you must guard against and how to check you aren't falling into a trap.
  • The fatal mistake you must not make when taking photos from Google (fortunately, it's easy to avoid if you follow this tip).
  • How less is often more and why it's important you keep well below this limit.
  • The vital part a good description plays (and why you need to craft it carefully).

...and much MUCH more...

Pinterest Profits Fastlane gives you a complete simple to use method for becoming a Pinterest Wizard, because once you possess all these insider secrets you'll be awestruck at the speed with which your traffic and profits explode.

I am determined to help you achieve the full benefit of this cutting edge program, so you ALSO get these ...


Look, I know if you get my product in your hands and put it to use it will work for you. I also know that if you're like most people, you procrastinate. (I know what it's like to procrastinate, and I've missed out on a lot of great opportunities because of it)

I don't want that to happen to you.  Therefore, I'm going to reward you for taking action with three special "fast action" bonuses. These are going to be available to the early birds who purchase right now...

Fast Action Bonus #1 PROCESS-MAP

process map

Like a commander viewing the battlefield, this process chart will prove to be the perfect way to oversee every aspect of your project at a glance.

Fortune 500 and other top executives are taught to take 'helicopter views' of their business. This literally lets them see the BIG PICTURE.

To make the maximum money from your business means maximizing the opportunities to sell more product. So it's vital you have an accurate overview of your Pinterest marketing at all times.

But I've made it both effortless and enjoyable with this no-brainer innovation, of which I am justly proud.  So simply print out this process map, put it on your wall and you'll be able to instantly see the complete picture.

Fast Action Bonus #2 CHECKLIST


Having every detail of your Pinterest project at your fingertips is the secret to quiet efficiency and maximum effect for minimum effort. And this free checklist makes it a complete no-brainer to be certain you have all aspects covered.

This checklist works in harmony with your Pinterest Profits Fastlane program, so keeping track of everything is a slam dunk.

Any doubts about your ability to handle this strange new world of Pinterest will disappear when you can see the entire process laid out before you in a simple 'paint-by-numbers' style.

Fast Action Bonus #3 WORKBOOK


Keeping track of all your pins, re-pins and pin boards is a snap with this convenient add on.

And, because it seamlessly integrates with the Pinterest Profits Fastlane program, you'll be delighted when you discover what a useful aid it is.

It will make creating and controlling your Pinterest marketing brain dead easy. All you need do is check off each item, as you finish it.

This is a completely automatic way of keeping up to speed with your Pinterest marketing.


Let there be no doubt - as soon as you've become a
Pinterest Wizard the massive boost to your traffic will
transform your sales, profits like nothing else online!

For example, just imagine using Pinterest to pin compelling images of all sorts of enticing products. And, when your followers click through to Amazon it will be through your Amazon affiliate link.

Have you yet to experience the buzz that comes from knowing you can get all the free traffic you need, whenever you need it?

If not, to help you achieve that enviable position, I want to make it brain dead simple for you ...

... so your risk is ZERO.

Yes! I'm going to allow you to test drive my Pinterest Profits Fastlane, fully confident that - if, for any reason, you don't feel it's quite right for you - all you need do is let me know and your refund will be winging its way to you at the speed of light.

Satisfaction Guarantee

I'm confident that my Pinterest Profits Fastlane guide will give you the results you're looking for, so much so that your purchase today comes with a my 'love it or leave it', 60 day money back guarantee.

If you're not 100% satisfied all you have to do is let me know for an instant refund, no questions asked.

You can rely on this... the program I have for you here will take both your traffic and your profits to a whole new level - and all you need do to make it happen is say YES!

Because it's brimming full of battle-tested secrets with the power to take your marketing to the next level and so give your income a powerful jolt skywards.

I guess you're smart enough to understand how these insider secrets will empower you and I bet you want to know what you need to invest in the Keys To The Profitable Kingdom Of Pinterest Marketing.

Download Your Copy Now!

Pinterest Profits Fastlane & Special Bonus Package

I want to become a Pinterest Wizard - sucking in far more traffic than from any of the other social media sites and with far less effort.

I understand that, as soon as I absorb Pinterest Profits Fastlane and put these valuable secrets and techniques to work, I can quickly start to see the extra traffic, sales and profits that my Pinterest marketing will bring - but only if I take action and actually use the insider secrets I'll discover in this program.

I'm grateful for your cast-iron 60 day guarantee, not that I expect to need it, because I'm determined to diligently follow every tip and trick in the Pinterest Profits Fastlane program and I want to invest in my copy right now!

Pinterest Profits Fastlane

Satisfaction Guarantee: Remember your order today is backed by my 60 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you're not 100% satisfied all you have to do is ask for refund and it will be granted without question.



Simon Hodgkinson
P.S.  I'm really looking forward to welcoming you on the other side, in a few moment's time, and then taking you by the hand and showing you exactly how these Pinterest marketing secrets can be truly life-changing.  And remember my rock-solid, 60 day guarantee completely protects you.

So there's no risk in this - unless you risk losing this golden opportunity by deciding to pass.

P.P.S.: Our research confirms there is no other comprehensive guide available at this rock bottom price anywhere else so act now before I change my mind and double or triple the price!

Pinterest Profits Fastlane



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